Mike Hewner

Hey, I’m Mike Hewner. I am a assistant professor at Rose-Hulman.

My CV (updated December 2017) is available here. I also maintain a non-academic resume.


I study CS Education.

I’m studying is how CS undergraduates think about the field of Computer Science, and whether problematic views of the CS field can cause educational problems. You can see details, including published papers on my research page.


I love teaching Computer Science and I try to do it as much as I can. I often blog about class design and how things went in practice – see the details on my teaching page.


I used to be a professional programmer and I do enjoy working on coding projects in my spare time. I’ve worked on video games, designed/build circuit boards and firmware, and played around with fractals and other cool stuff. Videos and code on my building stuff page.

Contacting Me

Email: hewner ‘at’ rose-hulman ‘dot’ edu
Gtalk chat: hewner (a great way to reach me if you need some quick assignment help)

Office Phone: 812 877 8517
Cell Phone: 716 517 7671 (if you’re a student, it might be better to send me a text message than calling direct…I will get back to you as soon as I’m available)

My office is F 204 (near Darryl Mouck’s office if that helps). Come by any time the door is open.

I’m always happy to hear from current/former students on Facebook or Google Plus or Linked In. Just be sure and send me a message explaining what class I know you from.