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LaTeX Resume

Donald Knuth is the ultimate Zen badness of ComputerSciencedom. Eric Raymond pretends but we all know: if it ever comes to a fight he’ll be on the unhappy end of Heart Vaporizing Literate Programming Strike just like the rest of us loosers. Not that it ever will come to a fight, of course, because Knuth has long ago devoted himself to the life of a monk. His days are spent in quiet contemplation of beautiful algorythms, and his nights – the subtle and profound calligraphy of TeX.

They say you can tell swordmanship from one’s calligraphy, which is no doubt why so many otherwise crude and dangerous programmers find themselves taking brush in hand from time to time. I am not immune to this and so I finally wrote my resume in LaTeX. Well, actually I stole my resume from Andrew McNabb, which just goes to show you that I have no honor. Revel in my my evil – available in pdf or the poetic tex.