Some random environment configuration

Wasted altogether too much time playing with fonts and colors today, but these settings might as well be preserved for postery. First the wmii configuration – I went with a darkblue scheme that looks like this (I had to install the artwiz package for the fancy font):

WMII_SELCOLORS='#72F28B #003366 #6A5ACD'
WMII_NORMCOLORS='#2E8B57 #000033 #000066'

Of course my xterm looked wrong once I used that, so I had to fix it too. I modified my .Xdefaults to look like

XTerm*Background: #000038
XTerm*Foreground: ivory

I had to run “xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults” for this setting to take effect.

Here’s a screenshot with the result


  1. John Carrino says:

    Screen Shots, please.

  2. buffalo says:

    ok, I uploaded one

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