XTestFakeKeyEvent and XSendEvent examples

So I was distracted on a fairly useful tanget today…looking info on XSendEvent and XTestFakeKeyEvent as an alternative to my funky XWindows keyboard driver.

After playing for a bit, I came to the same conclusion that everybody else did…XSendEvent is worthless as a tool for doing any sort of interesting keyboard remapping. Xev seemed to be the only app I could find that even noticed my simulated XSendEvent keys. I suppose I shouldn’t expect more from what amounts to a giant security hole. XTestFakeKeyEvent on the other hand, worked like a charm.

I could have discovered this faster if I could’ve found some example source code quicker. But with some searching I found two tiny little apps that do a good job showcasing their respective functions.

xpusher.c (local) by Peter Shipley for XSendEvent
keylockx.c (local) by Flu for XTestFakeKeyEvent

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