DARCS: on notice

DARCS: on notice

I finally gave up and blew away my old darcs repository. There is a new one now, in the same place, which contains most of the files that the old one did.

Everything was going great right up untill I added a squeak image to my repository. These are bigger files (tens of megabytes) but for some reason forever after I did that every change I made to the repository was slooow. How slow, you ask? Use up all the memory on my system and crawl for 20 minutes so I can’t even use the mouse slow. And especially slow was all the various operations to try and figure out what was going on with the repository.

So screw it. I have a new repository that’s fast again. But I’m officially putting darcs on notice.


  1. Benjamin Bernard says:

    bah! fancy shmancy “svn” “darcs” whatever… You know you want to use Envy! Seriously the greatest source control system ever, except for the fact that it only really works with Smalltalk… 🙁

    So, just convert all your ruby garbage to smalltalk, and be done with it. If you can do CAVE work in Smalltalk, you should be able to do anything

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