RubyUSB talk video online!

Hey, the video of my ruby talk is now online! Woohoo! I got my first fanmail today. I guess this means I should really figure out how to get it compiling on computers I do not own. But check it out and send me comments, all you nerds out there. Now that I’m getting into teaching the lecturing style is gonna need I little polishing I think.


  1. Rambo says:

    I really liked your talk on the conference, but i had my problems to follow because the code for the libusb gem seems to have changed a lot. I tried to get all avaible commands: mouse_interface.all_input_usages like in your code:
    But it seems like there is no method all_input_usages? Maybe you know an method that works with the actual version of libusb and produces the same output? I posted the same issue on stackoverflow: Thanks, and greetings from Spain!

  2. Mike says:

    Hey Rambo –

    So it’s almost certain you’re not using my ruby usb code. Unfortunately, there’s a ruby package with the name libusb but doesn’t have my code. I really don’t know much about it…I haven’t done ruby usb stuff in a long time. My code is still available from my website but it’s unlikely to still work in any straightforward way.

    Sorry I can’t be more helpful,


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