Life Slowly Approximating Normal in Atlanta

…or normal for me anyways. Kitty arrived at 6am this morning and seems be handling being transposed to a new hotter stranger place altogether better than me. She sniffed around the paltry tower of stuff deposited near the door of my ridiculously large apartment and didn’t even really run and hide.

I’m extremely happy and proud that I have an address:

2957 N. DeKalb Dr., Apt. 101
Atlanta, GA 30340

It’s bit distant from Atlanta but it’s close to the MARTA station.

As to classes, I am essentially enrolled in 1: Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, billed as “The Coolest Class You Will Ever Take”. It’s a course where you build wearable computing devices. The best of these will be making an appearance in a fashion-show in Korea towards the end of the semester. And with two projects comprising 85% of your grade, you can be sure the pressure is on. With some luck, I’m hoping to leverage a bit of my USB work.

Beyond that, I’m working with Mark Guzdial – right now on setting up survey of CS majors. Oh yes, and he’s giving me many many books to read. Which I haven’t even started yet. But its no problem, because within the next few days I plan to have a chair in my apartment. That should increase my reading productivity I’m hoping.

So yeah, things are crazy. But I’m doing all right. Miss all you Seattle people!

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