The hunt begins

I must admit that I did not miss the traditional summer scramble for internships. My goal for this summer was to do some actual teaching – a lofty goal that might be made more complicated by the fact that it is summer time when every real professor in the world becomes a itinerant bum, combing random colleges for teaching assignments to supplement their income (my future career – woo!). And what better way to prepare for the life of a professor by madly resume-spamming to every HR department who foolishly posts an email address on a public webspace?

In particular – I’m madly sending resumes to every college in the Seattle area in the hopes of hanging out with all you wacky nerds this summer. So if any of you should secretly have deep powerful connections with any CS departments out there, now’s the time to pass along my resume. Not very fancy, I know. Blatant rip-off of this online sample, I know. But if anybody out there in net land has suggestions on things I ought to be mentioning or whatever, let me know.


  1. Matt Brubeck says:

    You duplicated one of the dates under “Georgia Tech” on your resume.

    (That’s the limit of my helpfulness, sorry.)

  2. Ben Bernard says:

    Don’t you want to list out things like publications / talks (i’m thinking RubyUSB here), research subjects, etc. Whenever I see a CV for a PhD person, its waay more than that 1 page… Seems like college people expect that…. Though maybe your mom would know more about that


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