1 362892 hewn-Val-Hum-Fem-Law died in The Quest on level 19
[max 26]. Killed by a death ray. 119 [119]

Nethack is the ultimate is computational masochism. One second your Valkyrie is rocking through the Dungeons of Doom like a hurricane of Spolier-pumped pain, taking all comers with your painstakingly tricked out Mojinir. Then 1 random fire giant with a wand of death ends it all in an instant.

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  1. Ben Bernard says:

    Oh no! not Hum-Fem-Law! Its terrible!! She will always be remembered.

    I’ve always thought one of the appeals of nethack is the crazy finality of it. You die, you’re dead, no take backs, and as my sodden keyboards will attest, no amount of crying will bring them back (manly crying, of course). I always thought that if there was a simple way of doing it, nethack will not even let you do the copied save game file thing.

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