Putting your best foot forward

So I’m going to introduce myself to the class I am observing.

Did it make anybody chuckle? Trying too hard?

Those who want the complete presentation (yes, with even more jokes) can see my slides including notes.


  1. Ben says:

    Great slides! Very nice. I really like the first one… Only thing I would be concerned about is the grainy ness of the photo… might distract from the funny as people try to figure out what is in the image. (didn’t distract me, but I’ve learned to recognize your face from almost any angle… how else could I avoid you so easily?)

  2. Ben says:

    hmmm… title of book is really long… maybe instead of “extreme hyper mental / cannibal C…” just “extreme cannibal c programmer community” or maybe w/o the extreme… just a thought.

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