P/NP for Intro CS: A Work in Progress

So after finally figuring out a way to get things appropriately transcoded, I had videos of me using Prezi to talk about P/NP.

Overall, I’m not sure that the zoomable interface really worked for me. What I wanted was for my discussion to be embedded in a concrete document you could take with you after the presentation was through.

I still think the idea of linking the presentation to the document is a good one. Here is the pdf that goes with the presentation.

But trying to layout everything in a small space made the visuals very busy. I don’t like that.

Having this terse version of your presentation in your field of view also I think encouraged me to be be terse and formal. As a result I feel like this presentation was a lot less fun, which is a particularly bad thing for this whole P/NP business.

When I have slides by contrast, many of them reference prepared jokes and force me to keep re-engaging the audience. Things like jokes won’t ever really be able to appear on the “one page” version of a talk.

But then again, things are always different on the other side of the podium. Anyone else willing to watch a hour long talk to tell me what you think?

P/NP Practice Talk Part 1 from Michael Hewner on Vimeo.

P/NP Practice Talk Part 2 from Michael Hewner on Vimeo.

P/NP Practice Talk Part 3 from Michael Hewner on Vimeo.


  1. Ben says:

    PDF doesn’t seem to be working…

  2. buffalo says:

    The bit.ly link or the other one? I just checked them both and they seem ok.

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