I made an AR Video Game! (and it got on CNN)

So this is the game I’ve been working on the past few weeks…it’s called Nerdferno. Basically you have these little office worker nerds that you torture in order to force them to work and make money for you…which lets you buy more cool torture devices…it’s a vicious cycle. It’s not really a fully fleshed out game at this point, but it does feel really good to hit the nerds with that spiky ball.

What’s maybe not entirely obvious in the video is that this is an AR game…the camera motion you see is all happens you move your phone. The 3D game is all layered on the video feed of real life.

At some point we hope to get things to an easily installable state (although it will really only run properly on just a few Andriod phones with 3d acceleration hardware). But right now you’ll have to content yourself with this video:

Nerdferno from Michael Hewner on Vimeo.

My instructor actually demoed Nerdferno when he did talk on CNN. You can see it here:


Although for whatever reason the version he seems to be using is deeply broken. Not sure how that happened…


  1. Ben says:

    This is really cool. So what is the AR part of this? it seems to be picking up the level from the paper… is that like a thing… could I draw any level with the correct images and have it work? that would be pretty cool… sorta an art + video game thing

  2. Sharon says:

    I think I need a more basic answer to the AR question from Ben. Loved the CNN part, but it didn’t look as cool as here. Mom

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