Looking for CS Contract Work (for me and a team of Rose-Hulman CS majors)

So this summer, I’m working on a interesting pilot project with the folks at Rose-Hulman Ventures (http://www.rhventures.org/). Basically, I’ll be acting as technical lead for a group of Rose-Hulman students working on programming contract work. So in the morning, I’ll be basically a professional programmer/mentor and in the afternoon I’ll be teaching a course for the students.

I just finished the first set of technical interviews for the students and we made offers this week. I’m actually really impressed with how the students did…I used a modified version of my old SDE interview script from my Amazon days and I was really impressed by how well the students did. Honestly, I’m not sure they’ll need all that much mentoring on my part to be productive.

Only downside: we’d ideally like at least one more contract-work software development project for the students to work on. You’d have to pay…but because of some grants we’ve got from Rose-Hulman the cost is very reasonable. Plus, you get the software and a chance to interact with some great students who presumably could be recruited for internships or full-time in future years. Plus, I’ll be on the programming team too, if that carries any weight.

If you’ve got any projects you think would be a good fit (or know someone who would) let me know! (all my contact info is here)

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